01. When he was little, his father taught him to always try to do good [deeds] for others.
02. I'm very proud of you; you returned the wallet to its owner with all the money inside. That is truly a good [deed].
03. A local businessman has rewarded a young boy's good [deed] of helping the homeless by giving him a scholarship for university.
04. He was finally able to sign the [deed] to the farm after years of saving every cent he earned.
05. The notion of karma holds that the life you have is dependent on the worthy [deeds] you performed in a previous life.
06. Many evil [deeds] are done by those who cannot accept the beliefs of others.
07. He always regretted the [misdeeds] of his adolescence.
08. You shouldn't judge people by what they say. Rather, you should look at their [deeds].
09. The words and [deeds] of Jesus Christ make up the New Testament portion of the Bible.
10. The heroic [deeds] of Bilbo Baggins and his magical ring were told to young hobbits of the Shire for years afterwards.
11. My grandmother once told me, "Be assured that however difficult your life is here on earth, you will surely be rewarded for your good [deeds] once you go to Heaven."
12. There is a Danish proverb which states that big words seldom accompany good deeds.
13. Shakespeare once wrote, "How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world."
14. The Christian religion holds that at the Last Judgment, all people will face the consequences of the [misdeeds] they committed during their time here on earth.
15. The old man passed on the [deed] to the house to his daughter after she got married.
16. Seneca once observed that he who boasts of his ancestry is praising the [deeds] of another.
17. A Tibetan proverb suggests that words are mere bubbles of water, whereas [deeds] are drops of gold.
18. A Sierra Leonean proverb observes that knowledge is not the main thing, but [deeds].
19. A German proverb states that sometimes the whole nation has to pay for the foolish [deed] of one man.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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